Solar Scams Buyer Beware

Solar Scam Alert

Solar Scams are hurting South Australians. Buying a Solar Power System for your home or commercial property can be an overwhelming experience at the best of times. This is no different to most other industries but the solar industry sure does have its confusion due to the technology within itself. Am I buying the right product? Am I getting a good deal?

There are a few things that all consumers should watch out for so that you don't fall into the trap of the solar scam

  1. The 3 Quotes / Solar Quotes type Scam
  2. Falling for the Sales Pitch Scam
  3. Unrealistic Prices that Fail to Deliver Scam
  4. Promoting Leasing Instead of Buying Scam

and finally the golden topic Finding a Reputable Solar Company

Now lets go more in-depth on each of these scams and then we will talk about Finding a Reputable Solar Company


The 3 Quotes / Solar Quotes Type Scam

I am all for people that work hard and make a honest dollar but these Solar Quotes Type websites that promise 3 Quotes are as dodgy as they get. They will farm your information out to 3 different solar companies, so they say! Unfortunately they are known to send your information out to at least 5 or 6 different solar companies. These companies pay for your information.

You are then hounded by sales people hungry for the sale as they now have all of your information. Your name, address, email address and phone number. These websites are bottom feeders, they sell your information to the highest bidder.

They don’t care if the solar company is reputable or not. They do not screen these companies.  So long as they get paid.  A lot of these solar companies are not even based in Australia

You have no idea who is getting your information when you submit their online form.

They will even use solar businesses names on their websites. These businesses usually have no affiliation with them and do not use their dodgy lead business model. They do this so it helps them with google rankings. Once again the name bottom feeder. It drives people to their websites and in turn submitting their online forms unknowing to what they are getting into. Most of the time the reviews on these websites are not real reviews.


It will not take you long to do your own research. So many houses today have solar power and battery backup on them. Talk to your family and friends and ask them who they used and ask if they had a good experience or not. If their experience was good go directly to that company and ask for a quotation.

As your reading this blog also ask Greener Housing Solutions to compare your quotes. Got to our Contact Us page for our details. We would love to hear from you!

At Greener Housing Solutions 90% of our business comes from referrals from existing purchases. It’s this strength that has help our business hold strong for over 15 years. The Owner for Greener Housing Solutions holds all licences which is important because it holds us responsible for each and every installation we do. It is important to research the solar business you are choosing. You want to make sure you are going to get the after service you are entitled to. You want to know you can contact them whenever you need. This is why at Greener Housing Solutions we have an after hours mobile 0438417497. This mobile is manned 7 days a week.

We do the job right the first time!


Falling for the Sales Pitch Scam

Beware of solar companies that want you to commit to them on the same day. “This offer is for today only” “You will not get a better offer anywhere else”

Beware of

  1. Door Knockers – This one should send off alarm bells that anyone would come to your home, your personal space to cold call you on any product. Our advice if this happens to you to nicely say you are not interested and close the door.
  2. Online – While most con artists are using cold calling and door knocking, there are still plenty of non-reputable websites and online strategies designed to rip you off. You may see some ads leveraging government rebates or discounts in their advertising. In many cases they will lie about schemes finishing or using government programs and large discounts that don’t even exist.

At Greener Housing Solutions we never play these games. We want our customers to take their time. We want our customers to come on board knowing they made the right decision. This way we know they will have a great customer experience, because they are ready too! Our Customer Testimonials and Google Reviews speak for themselves. Greener Housing Solutions is CEC Accredited and a CEC Approved Retailer. We have been installing Solar Power and Battery Backup for over 15 years. Greener Housing Solutions is the longest, still operating installer in South Australia. We are proud this! We are in for the long haul!

You get what you pay for

Unrealistic prices that fail to deliver Scam

Another scam tactic that companies will often use is offering unrealistically low prices.

Often, they’ll use this tactic with high pressure sales tactic to push you into purchasing before you are ready. To keep from getting scammed by low prices, do some research on your own, so you know how much solar should cost you.

As they say “Pay Peanuts, Get Monkeys”

Everyone would be selling at these prices if they were above board. Good quality installers like to sleep at night and are happy to loss a deal than burn their branding on cutting corners and sublevel products.

There is a lot more than just panels and inverter that goes into a solar power system. Make sure you are choosing the right company that will be there after you have been installed and paid for your system. After sales is very important and a consumer will need further help once the system has been installed.

Greener Housing Solutions is big on this and all our customers have direct access to us and its been that way for over 15 years. We do not cut corners on installations. We do the job right the first time!

Contact Greener Housing Solutions if you are wanting the job done right the first time!


Promoting leasing instead of buying Scam

Leasing Solar Power is not advisable and you will also ways be better off purchasing your solar power system. Even if you use finance options it will end up being much much better than leasing.

Each Leasing agreement is different but believe you me a leasing agreement is only lining one persons pocket and its not going to be the home owner or business owner. What are you going to do if you sell your house or commercial property???

Instead of leasing Greener Housing Solutions can help navigate and show you the benefits of financing. Financing will still be a $0 upfront cost and you will still have control.

Finally the golden topic Finding a Reputable Solar Company