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Solar Service and Maintenance

Greener Housing Solutions is a South Australian, family owned and operated business. We are fully qualified electricians and electrical engineers, specialising in residential and commercial installations of solar power systems and battery backup units. Greener Housing Solutions and has built up a wealth of knowledge to be able to achieve what most solar companies simply do not as they cannot.

Accredited Designer service and maintenance




Unfortunately, the Solar Power industry has seen its fair share of fly-by-night installers. Greener Housing Solutions receives calls on a daily basis, either concerned that their systems are not producing as they should, or systems that are just not working and their installer is no longer around. Greener Housing Solutions is dedicated to assisting South Australians with service and maintenance like getting systems back up and running. Most of the time we are able to take on the warranty (if still within warranty period and guidelines) even though we did not install the system. Don’t feel you have no place to go because Greener Housing Solutions can and will help you!


  • General Solar and Battery Backup Service: Most of Greener Housing Solutions customers have their systems serviced from time to time. We make our time recommendations based on the age and location of the system. We highly recommend this servicing as it is also a great preventer. Even though we do not have a crystal ball, there are numerous measures that can be taken to prevent a lot of common issues that can arise within non-maintained and non-serviced solar power systems.


  • Broken down systems: Just because the solar power inverter is the bearer of bad news, it does not always mean it’s the inverters fault. There are many different parts to a solar power system and Greener Housing Solutions has the expertise and the knowledge to ascertain what the problem is, how it was coursed and what needs to be done to fix the system. Greener Housing Solutions delivers these services as a matter of urgency because we appreciate that every day the customer’s system is down, they are missing out on valuable solar production.


  • Solar Panel Cleaning: Greener Housing Solutions does not recommend solar panel cleaning as a regular maintenance protocol. However, there are times we do recommend panels cleaning but this is usually picked up on a servicing call out.
      • Why don't we recommend regular panel cleaning? Panels are framed. To seal the frame from water ingress, silicone is used by the manufacturer when make the panel. When silicone is squeezed out of the tube it has air bubbles in it. When the silicone starts to dry the air bubbles are sealed (smoothed over). When washing panels by a non-accredited technician (lack of education with non-accredited) the glass on the top of the panel moves (even slightly). This movement can course the silicone to stretch and in turn can cause the air bubbles to break open. This can lead to water ingress (water gaining access inside the panel). The damage voids the warranty if the manufacture can show the water gained access due to failure not caused by the panel itself. This does not mean there are not times that your panels may need cleaning but normal dust and minor bird poop etc. will be removed by normal rains and will not cause a production loss that is of significance.


  • Warranty: Greener Housing Solutions has a close relationship with all Australian currently approved solar manufacturers and through this relationship, we are able to provide warranty assistance even to customers that have been installed by companies no longer in the industry. Just because the installer is no longer around, does not necessarily mean the warranty is void.


  • Removal and reinstallation: There are numerous reasons why Solar Power Systems need to be removed and reinstalled and some of the most common reasons are;
  1. A roof has been damaged near where the solar panels are. To fix the roof they need to have the panels removed and then reinstalled once the roof has been completed
  2. New additions to a home or commercial property sometimes need the roofline to be altered and for the safety of the solar power system, the home/commercial property and tradespeople, the panels require removal and de commissioning. Once the addition has been completed, then the panels are reinstalled and the system commissioned
  3. The whole solar power system has been damaged and needs to be removed with a new one to be installed. Any rebates available at the time are also included.
  4. The existing small solar power system is old and not producing to the levels the property needs. Removal of the old system to install a large system can be a better way to go depending on available roof space.

No matter what the reason is Greener Housing Solutions handles this type of work with the upmost professionalism and without delays as usually time is of the essence or the works need to be attended around other trades to completed a certain customer requirement.