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The most important part of Solar Power and Battery Backup is choosing the right team to entrust with the new installation of your solar / battery system. There are so many companies to choose from and we have seen over the past 15+ years so many come and go. They dangle the carrot on price and then when it all falls apart, they close their doors and nowhere to be found. Greener Housing Solutions are fixing up bad installations all over South Australia, all the time and even though it is great for our business the stories are heart breaking and financially taxing to the customer. That’s why we believe strongly in “Do the job right the first time”

Greener Housing Solutions stocks over 15 different types of panels, inverters and battery backup systems. We tailor design to the the customers requirements, the properties needs and at an affordable price.

Greener Housing Solutions has over 15 years of experience to ensure your system is installed and designed right the first time. Our competitive advantage arises from our in-house management team, comprising of qualified engineers and accredited electricians backed by an administration team that goes above and beyond. This ensures our customers are receiving the highest quality of service and expertise.

The New Installation of your Solar Power or Battery Backup

Once you have had your solar power and or battery backup installed you will have questions. Once you start seeing what the system is doing in real life terms you will have questions you never thought of during the purchasing process. You want to make sure that the business that is installing your system is going to give you the time of day once your installation has been completed.

Have a look at our testimonials and Google Reviews about a new installation or battery backup and you will see that Greener Housing Solutions is the right choice for you!


All of Greener Housing Solutions Solar and Battery Backup installations are designed by Darren English who is the owner of Greener Housing Solutions.
Darren is fully licensed, CEC Accredited with 15+ years of experience in the Industry and running Greener Housing Solutions.




All of Greener Housing Solutions solar and battery backup customers have full access to our after-hours mobile phone number. On the weekends when they have a question they can contact to have the answer and not have to wait until Monday comes around. The after hours mobile is always carried by one of the owners of Greener Housing Solutions (Darren or Thea).

At Greener Housing Solutions we always help our customers get the best deal possible through their chosen electricity provider. We have customers we installed 15+ years ago ring and email their electricity bills in periodically just to make sure that they a getting every cent they can and this is all free when you are a Greener Housing Solutions customer.

Here is a list of some of the Solar and Battery products that we stock and recommend ...


Seraphim Solar Panels
LG -Green Housing Solutions Products
Jinko Solar
REC Solar Panels

Standard Solar Inverters

SolaX Inverter
Fronius- Green Housing Solutions Products
SMA Inverter
Sungrow Inverter

Micro Solar Inverters

enphase energy new installations

Solar Battery Backup

Tesla Battery Backup