Greener Housing Solutions Products

Greener Housing Solutions product stocks over 15 different types of panels, inverters and battery backup systems because each house is different with different pitches, different roof temperatures, shading or not shading etc. It's important to choose the right panel for your home so you will produce to maximum potential.

We are an authorised and qualified installer of Fronius, Tesla Powerwall 2SolaX Inverters, LG, Seraphim Solar and many more.

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These are just some of our stocked products
Fronius- Green Housing Solutions Products
Fronius is considered the world's leading solar inverter manufacture and Greener Housing Solutions agrees with this. Their reputation is not based on sales volume, but service, quality and most importantly reliability. With the solar inverter being the most complex component in any solar system, it is also the part most likely to develop problems. All Fronius inverters are engineered, designed and manufactured in Austria. Greener Housing Solutions is proud to put our branding and recommendation with the Fronius Inverter Range
solax - Green Housing Solutions Products
SolaX Inverters are a lower price point inverter compared to the Fronius but don't underestimate their reliability. They are a Chinese made inverter and the best Chinese made inverter on the market. With low failure rates and a warranty of 6+6= 12 years is hard to walk past. SolaX inverters have proven themselves within the Australian market. Greener Housing Solutions is proud to put their branding to the SolaX Range.
LG -Green Housing Solutions Products
LG off 2 key panel ranges - The LG NeON 2 which goes up to 370w and the LG NeON R which offers up to 380w. There is also the LG commercial panel range. The Mono X range offers a 15 year product replacement and performance warranty whilst the LG NeOn range offers and impressive 25 years, both backed by LG Electronics which is the largest consumer brand offering solar in Australia. The LG range is a higher priced panel and characterised as top of the range. Greener Housing Solutions is proud to put our branding to the LG Range of PV panels
Seraphim Solar produces quality ensured cells and a wide range of PV modules which are suitable for all system types: residential, commercial, industrial and utility. All Seraphim Modules have proven their high performance and lasting in the field, where it matters the most. Greener Housing Solutions is proud to put our branding on the Seraphim Module (panel) range.
The Powerwall lithium battery system from Tesla Energy has made a big impact in the solar world in South Australia. Now with Tesla's Powerwall 2 giving a generous size of 13.5kw usable capacity, 100% depth of discharge and a welcomed slim line look that appeals to the residential and commercial market place. The Powerwall 2 is an AC battery, meaning it has an intergraded AC-DC inverter charger which can be retro fitted to homes with existing solar installations as well as those that are installing new solar power systems. Greener Housing Solutions is proud to put our branding to the Tesla Powerwall 2