Small Scale Technology Certificates

Small Scale Technology Certificates made simple by Greener Housing Solutions. The Solar Credits program is part of Australia's Renewable Energy Target. Under this initiative, every megawatt hour of qualifying energy generation is eligible for renewable energy certificates (RECs).

These certificates come in two types: large and small. STC's are the ones that apply to residential solar installation.

You might think of an STC as a discount voucher on the cost of installing your solar system. Depending on how big the system is and where you live, the number of STCs you are eligible for varies and therefore the amount of your rebate varies.

These credits are being slowly phased out so it depends on what year you are going to be installed in. As at the 1st day of January each year the STC credits will be less than if you were installed on 31st of December

Here at Greener Housing Solutions we will work out the amount of STCs you are eligible for or you can use the STC Calculator

Small Scale Technology Certificates

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