Greener Housing Solutions Terms and Conditions

At Greener Housing Solutions we understand Terms and Conditions can be overwhelming for some customers. We try and make them as easy and as simple as possible. Like any business we deal with all types of personalities and order requirements and this is what makes our job so amazing and sometimes challenging. We need to be as clear and precise as we can be so that our customers are aware of the logistics when it comes to Solar Power, Battery Backup and electrical.

Our Terms and Conditions

Frequently asked questions

What are Renewable Energy Certificates?

Renewable Energy Certificates are a type of rebate you maybe eligible for when your have a complete solar power system installed. Each certificate is worth money. Depending on what size solar power system you are having will depend on how many certificates you are eligible for. Her are some links to more information on Renewable Energy Certificates. Please also feel free to contact Greener Housing Solutions if you have any questions

What is SA Power Networks Approvals

SA Power Networks (SAPN) are South Australia’s Distribution Network (Grid). When you are wanting a Grid connected unit like a solar power system or battery backup unit, you are required to get official approval for this. Greener Housing Solutions will organise these approvals on behalf of the customer. SAPN will email the customer with these approvals so that the customer has a copy for their files. For further information please have a look at this link

Why is the customer required to have my Inverter and or battery backup unit connect to stable internet?

There are a number of reasons for this. One is the health of your inverter and or battery backup unit. From time to time the units when connected to stable internet are firmware updated by the manufacture to help keep the hardware running to it maximum potential. It is good practice in our age of technology.

There are also requirements that require this as per the rules and regulations direct by The department of Energy and Mining for the relevant Agent, Flexible Exports (once introduced), SA Power networks rules and regulations etc. The following links will give you greater understanding but these can change before we have time to update our websites and or the links are updated so please make contact with us for further information if you require

Why do I need a Compliant Meter Isolator Switch?

A Meter Isolator Switch is a compliance rule when having your meter upgraded. Some houses have them and some do not. Some houses that have a remotely calibratable meter do not require them is they don’t already have them. The rules are complex and Greener Housing Solutions will pick this up on a site inspection or if the customer prefers they can send us a photo of their meter box and circuit breakers to clarify. Here is a link to the service and installation rules of meters. It is complex reading and SA Power Networks has the right to change the rules without updating the link so if you need further clarification please contact us at Greener Housing Solutions

SA Power Networks Service and Installation Rules

What are SEG Approvals?

SEG stands for Small Embedded Generation. SA Power Networks needs to approval all solar power and battery backup units installed in South Australia. It is a requirement. Please note the following link for more information or you can contact Greener Housing Solutions. Once the order is signed and deposit paid, Greener Housing Solutions will lodge for the approvals on behalf of the customer.

Why do I need a meter upgrade when having a solar power system installed?

You need a meter upgrade so your energy provider can read your feed in. This allows you to receive a feed in tariff on your bill. It is also a requirement when having solar power installed.

Do I need to order my meter upgrade?

No. Greener Housing Solutions will place the order on your behalf though your chosen Energy Provider. Due to privacy this is all we can do on your behalf. The Energy provider will take control of the meter upgrade from there. However all our customers know that if you need assistance Greener Housing Solutions are here to help

What is the SA Home Battery Rebate?

The SA Home Battery Rebate is a rebate to help homeowners to financially reduce the price of purchasing of an approved battery backup unit. The business selling the battery backup unit needs to be an Approved Retailer. Click here to see Greener Housing Solutions approved retailer certificate (if this certificate is out of date frame please contact us and we will email you the up to date version. These certificates are )

Is my deposit refundable?

Each case is different and is valuated and based on numerous factors. In most cases the answer is yes and the refund will be processed through our administrational process and procedure. To cancel an order once a deposit has been made you will need to contact Greener Housing Solutions in writing by email to

It is always good practice for the customer to call Greener Housing Solutions Ph 84497627 or SMS the after hours mobile on 0438417497 to ensure the email has been received. Technical issues can arise form time to time with emails eg going to spam etc. You will need to explain your reasoning for the cancellation

Sometimes deposits are non refundable to cover costs and losses. This is a rare occurrence and only when the job has been cancelled past the time of recovery and will be conducted in accordance with Australian Consumer Law.