Greener Housing Solutions has been helping hundreds of South Australian companies with commercial installation to enjoy the financial, environmental and reputational benefits of cleaner commercial energy. Learn how much money your Business could save with Greener Housing Solutions, Commercial Solar.

Commercial Installation

Greener Housing Solutions has over 15 year of experience to ensure service is done right the first time. Our competitive advantage arises from our in house management team, comprising of qualified engineers and accredited electricians backed by an administration team that goes above and beyond. This ensures our customers are receiving the highest of service and expertise.

Whether its a new installation, add on system, repairs & maintenance, battery backup or electrical, Greener Housing Solutions will have the job done right the first time!

Now with the Federal Government economic stimulus package that ends 30th June 2021 there are even more incentives for businesses to have solar power and or battery backup installed

commercial installation

Greener Housing Solutions stocks over 15 different types of panels, inverters and battery backup systems.  Because each commercial establishment is different with different pitches, different roof temperatures, shading or not shading etc, it's important to choose the right panel for your commercial space so you will produce to maximum potential.


For further information about having Solar installed at your office or commercial premises, Contact Greener Housing Solutions today - the Commercial Solar Installation Specialists.