SA Power Networks (SAPN) has reached out with important information. After Saturday 12/11/2022 storm activity in South Australia, damage to SAPN infrastructure is possibly going to cause some inconveniences. This is causing solar power systems to trip off as well and show error codes due to voltage ranges being over parameters. Until SAPN has fixed the issue this may cause some customers inconveniences. Please reach out if you would like further information Ph: 84497627

Please read the following message Greener Housing Solutions has received on Sunday 13/11/2022.

Hi. With the interconnector down, we are currently islanded from the NEM. With damage to several transmission towers, it could take over week to recover. AEMO have instructed us to maintain a secure operating network, therefore it’s likely we will need to artificially raise voltages in some sub-stations, which will “trip off” customer’s solar systems over the next week. People won’t lose supply, it just means their solar systems won’t work. If you receive calls from your solar customers, please pass on this message and advise if the issues they are calling about persist after a week to call back. Thanks, New Energy Services, SA Power Networks.

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