A grid connect solar system can be taken to a whole new level by adding a battery backup system. Such batteries can be much smaller than those used in stand-alone solar systems as the convenience of the electricity grid remains at your disposal. The batteries serve two purposes:

  • To provide you free electricity at night &
  • Provide backup during grid failure

At Greener Housing Solutions we install all our solar power systems to be battery backup ready. If you want to eliminate your electricity bill totally, with today FIT (feed-in tariff) you will need to think about going battery backup. Greener Housing Solutions has the solar battery solutions for you at affordable prices.

Here are just a few we offer



Tesla Powerwall 2

Greener Housing Solutions is an authorised installer of the The Tesla Powerwall 2, AC coupled battery backup system. This means it can be retro fitted to existing solar power systems or can also be installed with new solar power systems.

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Redback Technologies

Redback Technologies

Greener Housing Solutions is a qualified installer of the Redback Hybrid Battery Backup Units. Redback offer solutions for Single Phase and 3 Phase applications and have now released their AC coupled single phase unit for those with existing solar power systems.

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solax - Green Housing Solutions Products

SolaX Power

Greener Housing Solutions is an authorised SolaX installer. Whether you are looking for battery backup to go with your existing solar power system or you are looking for a hybrid for a new solar power system, Solax is a great choice. Why waste the free energy you are generating? Why not fill up batteries to use this energy in the evening and overnight, enabling even less reliance on grid energy.

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