Flexible Exports Coming Soon To SA

SA Power Networks

SAPN New Rule For SA Solar

So What Is The New Rule?  SA Power Networks (SAPN) has just released their intensions to implement a new rule. This is for new and upgrading solar power systems in some area that are connected to the grid. Its call "Flexible Exports"

Why Are They Implementing Flexible Exports? South Australia leads the world when it comes to Solar Energy. We produce more Solar Energy than another state and for that matter the world. Our states infrastructure was built long before solar power came to light.

Flexible Exports will help the grid recover if there is an over load of solar being feed back though. When there is an over load being fed back through it organically rises the AC (grid) side voltage. Currently all inverters in South Australia will slow their production down and even stop producing when the voltage (AC or grid side voltage) gets to high. This has been happening for years.

This is a good thing because now we have a proven track record. At Greener Housing Solutions we monitor, from time to time, our customers solar power systems and we see when their systems have been tripped off by over voltage on the AC (Grid) side. Then we see our customers bills and they are all in leaps and bounds ahead of where they were prior to having solar power installed. The flexible exports is the same just a different name in a more formal way to protect the grid.

Is It Still Worth Having Solar Power In SA? This is a definite YES, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. What would you rather? pay an electricity bill to your energy provider or install a solar power system with Greener Housing Solutions and save your money in your back pocket? Contact Greener Housing Solutions Today and Start Living Free!