Finding a Reputable Solar Power Company

First Step

Talk to Family and Friends about Solar Power

There are so many people that have Solar Power and Battery Backup. Talk to your family and friends. Put up a Facebook post asking for recommendations.

Ask how long they have had their system for. If they have only been newly installed, tread carefully. They really don’t know yet what the after service is going to be like. This is important! If they have been installed for a few years then start asking them questions. Then contact the solar business direct to get your own feel. Maybe look at their online reviews.

Make sure the owner/director of the business is CEC Accredited. Not a Member because anyone can be a member of the CEC. Also make sure they are a CEC Approved retailer. Ask them to prove it to you.

This is Greener Housing Solutions CEC Accreditation under the Owner Darren English name. The Accreditations are always in the individuals name. The CEC Approved Retailer is always in the business name. Both of these license have to be reviewed and re assessed on a yearly basis. The CEC Accreditation also requires to complete 100 points of eligible training and professional development. The CEC Approved Retailer is a signatory to the Solar Retailer Code Of Conduct. These licenses are important and for your sake should be in the owners and business name


Second Step is to call Greener Housing Solutions