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Solar Panels

Specialising in New, Add On and Servicing of Solar Power Systems throughout South Australia.

Do you want to eliminate or reduce your electricity bill?
Are you wanting to add on to your current Solar Power System?
Do you have a problem with your existing Solar Power System?

Then Greener Housing Solutions can help

Solar Service

● Solar General Servicing & Maintenance
● Solar System Break Downs
● Warranties
● Insurance.
There is nothing we can’t do with Solar Power. Greener Housing Solutions has been helping South Australians all over Adelaide. Even if we did not do your original installation, we can still help.

Battery Back Up

Don’t be left in the dark! Commercial and residential properties all over Adelaide, South Australia are going battery backup. Why? Because they are taking control of their own electricity and living free. The thousands of dollars saved are now going on family holidays where the memories last forever.

Heating and Cooling

ecoflo inverter split system air-conditioners use less power to operate. The most energy efficient
• Saving you even more money on your power bills
• Ability to switch on, off and adjust settings.
• Large range of sizes available to suit any home.
• Keep your home COOL in summer and WARM in winter


Are you in need of a Sparky?

Do you need a switchboard installed, or an existing one upgraded? Surge protection?

Extra power points installed? And much more..

We’ve got more than a decade of experience working with electricity. No job to big or too small

Hear what our clients have to say…

Mel from Camden Park

Dear Greener Housing Solutions,

I have nothing but praise for the manner in which you have been responsible for the installation of both lots of solar panels on my roof…

Jeff from Modbury North

Sales done with professionalism and no hard sell for particular brand. We altered panel brand number of times and Darren was always accommodating.

Install was prompt and professional. Panel guys even offered to replace cracked tiles on part of roof that was not near solar panel positions. Electrician Steve installed inverter neatly and took time after to explain clearly operation.

Manager Thea took time over 1hr on phone with me to setup web monitoring after system connected. Very thorough.

Would highly recommend this company as they believe in good old fashioned customer service so lacking in today’s business world.

By George Tsouvallas - SA

Thea was very friendly, honest and helpful and provided excellent service. The installer was very professional and I would recommend Greener Housing Solutions to friends and family

Heather and Molly - HOLDEN HILL

From day one, Thea talked me through all my 100s of questions without any hard sell, just answered anything and everything I fired at her. ‘And believe me I had a LIST’.

Absolute gem of a lady, we had numerous conversations over the few weeks I was investigating Solar. It was, I have to say, a very pleasant journey and extremely happy from start to finish.

The boys who installed the system were on the site promptly and worked like beavers, explaining all my questions that I would pop outside and throw at them. In summary, cannot praise the team more from start to finish and highly recommend Greener housing solutions for solar.

Kindest regards Heather and Molly.

R & A Alpaslan - Hallett Cove

We personally think you were exceptional for the help you gave us in this important decision. No amount of phone calls or questioning from us was too much for you, especially Thea.

Thank you very much and keep up the sensational work!

Ready to Save on Your Energy Bill?


How do solar panels actually work?

Solar panels are made of highly excitable, conductive materials. When the sun’s rays hit the solar panels, the reaction creates direct current (DC) electricity.

Since most homes and businesses use alternating current (AC) electricity, your solar-generated DC energy will pass through an inverter to become AC electricity. Then it flows through your property’s wiring and behaves just like the power you’ve been using your whole life.

s solar energy reliable and powerful enough for my home or business?

The only time your solar panels stop generating electricity is when the sun’s not out. That means at night and during eclipses.
The sun is constant and reliable. Determining the right size solar power system is based on your actual usage of power. Greener Housing Solutions can work this out for you.

Is battery Backup really worth it?

In a South Australia you need to sell appropriately 2.5 kw’s of solar generation to earn 1 free kw at night. Battery backup makes sense as it is Kw for Kw. However there are times that we will advise that Battery Backup may not be for you but this will be discussed once we have more information on what your usage is, your ability to feed a battery backup system etc. Battery backup also gives you the opportunity to keep your lights on when the grid (SAPN) goes down eg load shedding, scheduled SAPN outages etc

What’s size Solar Power System and Battery Backup unit can I have on my home?

This depends on your roof space and Whether your single phase, dual phase or 3 phase property.

• Only 5kW of inverters are allowed on a single phase supply
• You can export limit a bigger inverter (up to 10kW)
• SAPN doesn’t say you can’t oversize the inverter’s nameplate capacity by 33% as is normal
• With single phase supply you can AC couple a battery as long as the total inverter capacity is less than 10kW and the system as a whole is export limited to 5kW
• 3 phase homes can fill their boots with 30kW of inverters and 40kW of panels.