SolaX Inverter Error Codes

SolaX Solar Inverter Fault Messages Please Note: All electrical work must be performed by a licensed electrician.   Faults Diagnosis and Solution SPI Fault SPI communication fault Contact Greener Housing Solutions Ph: 8449 7627 or submit the contact form for further … Read More

How Does Solar Power Work

  When the sun is shining, solar panels convert sunlight into DC (direct current) electricity. The solar inverter converts this electricity into AC (alternating current) power for use in your home. Your home appliances (fridge, dishwasher, pool pumps etc.) use … Read More

Is My Solar Power System Working?

We get numerous calls every week from solar owners that Greener Housing Solutions did not install. Asking if we can help them know if their solar power systems are working. Unfortunately, there are many solar power installers that have great … Read More

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