Redback Battery Backup Systems


Greener Housing Solutions is a qualified installer of the Redback Hybrid Battery Backup Units. Redback offer solutions for Single Phase and 3 Phase applications and have now released their AC coupled single phase unit for those with existing solar power systems.

• All-in-one modular systems designs to seamlessly fit into your home
• Modular battery storage that can grow with your needs
• Easy monitoring with the MYRedback app & Redback Portal
• Intelligent software updates, which ensure you always have access to the latest solar tech
• Australian designed and tested for the harsh Australian climate
• Uninterrupted backup power in the event of a power outage

Redback Smart Hybrid System - SINGLE PHASE

• 5kW Single Phase Hybrid Inverter
• Expandable modular battery storage capacity (4.8kWh – 11.8kWh)
• Uninterrupted back-up for key appliances in a power outage of up to 4.6kW

Redback Smart 3-Phase Hybrid System

• The Smart 3-Phase Hybrid System combines a 10kW hybrid solar inverter and expandable
battery storage of up to 28.4kWh. The robust design is ideal for three-phase homes and
light commercial applications that have larger energy supply needs.
• The 3 Phase UPS means you can back up all three phases in the event of a power outage.