Is My Solar Power System Working?

We get numerous calls every week from solar owners that Greener Housing Solutions did not install. Asking if we can help them know if their solar power systems are working. Unfortunately, there are many solar power installers that have great selling ability but poor after sales or they are no longer in business.

Thankfully today’s inverters are connected to the Wi-Fi reducing this issue.

So for all those older systems that are not able to be connected to the Wi-Fi, Greener Housing Solutions is here to help everyone, even those we did not install.

So how do you know if your solar power system is working?

  • Do NOT wait for you electricity bill to tell you your system is not working. By the time your bill comes in you have lost 3 months of production. If you don’t have a new technology inverter that can be connected to the Wi-Fi then please check your inverter LCD screen regularly. We advise you do this at least once a week. During the daylight (in the middle of the day is a great time) look at your inverter LCD Screen.

Is there a red or green light? As a rule of thumb, Red is telling you something is wrong and Green is all good to go. Sometimes different inverters have different coloured lights so please call Greener Housing Solutions as we can help you.

On the LCD screen can you see wattage being produced? Wattage will be a changing number e.g. 2455w. If your wattage in the middle of the day is 0w (zero watts) then you may have a problem. Please call Greener Housing Solutions to diagnose

  • If your inverter is connected to the Wi-Fi then you will have an app to check if you are producing. If your system was set up correctly and with your current email address, you should receive emails if your system has a problem. Please do not rely on this as emails can go astray.


This is a photo of a SolaX inverter (just as an example) showing production 1676w and system is operating “Normal”. This is what you are wanting to see

SolaX LCD Screen In Operation


This is a picture of the LCD screen showing a fault code “Grid Lost Fault” and 0w (Zero wattage) being produced. This is not good

LCD Screen Error


If your inverter has a Fault code or error code, please call Greener Housing Solutions on Ph: 84497627 or the after hours mobile 0438417497 for further assistance.

Or try the shutdown procedure (turn your system off then wait a few minutes) then turn the system back on again (The opposite way to the shut down procedure) this will reboot your inverter and hopefully start back up again. If you still have an error code or red light or 0w please call Greener Housing Solutions so we can help you

Inverter Shutdown Procedure