I am not one to put a review up as soon as the jobs done. Greener housing solutions came out in December for a free quote, after that maintained constant contact offering free advises.
Offering nothing but there honest opinion from the size of the system to the brand of inverter that would be best suited for our family. Putting up with someone like me who had a 1000 question because I was so new with such lack of knowledge, put me at ease with such comfort.
Greener housing solutions offer such great support throughout the whole experience even 2 months after the system was installed. The install on the day was great, as the guys that came out were great as they would very fast, effective and catered to my needs as I wanted the design changed on the day, they didn’t complain just got the job done.
Thea and the team they have around them should be proud of the south Australian business they are a part of. Highly recommend 100%!!!!!