Solar Scams Buyer Beware

Solar Scams are hurting South Australians. Buying a Solar Power System for your home or commercial property can be an overwhelming experience at the best of times. This is no different to most other industries but the solar industry sure … Read More

SolaX Power Battery Backup

  Greener Housing Solutions is a proud authorised SolaX installer. Whether you are looking for battery backup to go with your existing solar power system. Or you are looking for a hybrid for a new solar power system, Solax is … Read More

Redback Battery Backup Systems

Greener Housing Solutions is a qualified installer of the Redback Hybrid Battery Backup Units. Redback offer solutions for Single Phase and 3 Phase applications and have now released their AC coupled single phase unit for those with existing solar power … Read More

Tesla Powerwall 2

The Tesla Powerwall 2 is an AC coupled battery backup system. This means it can be retro fitted to existing solar power systems or can also be installed with new solar power systems.   The Tesla Powerwall 2 uses Lithium-ion … Read More

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