What are the best solar panels

What are the best solar panels?

This questions is asked so often "So what are the best solar panels"

Everyone is telling you that their panels are the best but I am here to tell you that its your roof that will navigate that. Is your roof tin or tiled? is your roof pitched or flat? do you have shade and the list goes on.
Find a solar power business that you feel comfortable with and ask how many panels they stock. If they only stock a "premium' and "basic" then be concerned. Are either of these two panels the right one for your roof? you need a business that is going to assess your roof, even if it is from nearmaps. At Greener Housing Solutions we stock over 15 different panels, inverters and battery backup systems. This way we can custom design to what the customer needs to produce the best and also keep within their budget. Lets be honest everyone has a budget!