Company Terms

Company Terms - Greener Housing Solutions owners and installers have been trained overseas and bring with them a wealth of experience. The two directors have over 70 years of hydronic heating experience between them having both been successful in the City of Guilds, UK appropriate apprenticeship training courses. There is very little of no training here in Australia for heating specialists and the subject is not covered in the plumbing apprenticeship, but we apply all good working practices learnt overseas to our core business here in Australia.

At Greener Housing Solutions we have remained with our small core of major suppliers for well over 8 years proving we have faith in their products and that they trust us to install to their high standards. We have nothing to hide and are more than happy to pass on contact details for all our suppliers, so our information given to you can be verified.

By installing to a high standard, we have minimal warranty and maintenance call outs and we believe in 'doing the job properly and doing it once'. We also believe in only installing either materials, equipment or methods that we would accept in our own home. The customer is the priority, and this also relates to the running costs and efficiency of the system.

We don't believe in giving false predictions on equipment efficiency or predicted running costs, we only give the facts as we see them. Therefore, we use reputable suppliers selling high quality material installed to the highest standards with no exceptions.

We will always give our most competitive quote for the project in the first instance and do not over inflate a price just, so we can reduce the cost to win the work later against a competitor. We are honest from the start and do not believe in defaming other installers as this is unprofessional and completely unacceptable.

It is hard for customers to get competitive quotes for heating systems and we will strive to offer transparency in our quotes. If the customer is unsure about any aspect of the system specified please contact us to  clarify the concerns.

Trust is everything and we hold our reputation in high regard and feel that we are well supported by our suppliers who also value their reputation.

If you have any questions during the quoting or installation stages, please contact us as we need you to understand and be comfortable that the system we are providing is to your standards.