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Welcome to the solar industry

Whether you are looking for a new solar power system or to add onto an existing solar power system, there is so much information regarding solar and it certainly can be a mind field. So lets make it a little easier and start with solar panels. The fact is that all houses are different, roof aspects are different, roof pitch, roof colour, location of property and the list goes on; there are so many differences. Because of these differences, its important to choose the right panel for your home and or commercial property.

“But how do I do that?”, you might ask.

Put more time into researching the business you are choosing to buy the solar power system off of.

Things to consider when choosing the right solar power business for you

  1. If you live in South Australia then use a South Australian only business. This will protect you from interstate and overseas Australian businesses  move out of South Australia when business is a little slower than usual. We have seen this happen plenty of times which leaves the customer in a difficult situation
  2. Use licensed and CEC accredited designers and installers to recommend the right system for you. These licenses and accreditation take a long time to obtain with hours and hours of study because of its complexity. Nothing bad on sales people but you can’t learn the technical applications on solar power and battery backup in a 3 day crash course.
  3. How long has the business been in business?
  4. Look at there online reviews
  5. Go with your instincts. Solar is an investment and prices have never been so affordable but don’t get caught up in the hype.
  6. After installation customer service is a must. You will have questions so you want to know that you have complete access to have those questions answered.
  7. You also want a business that is going to pride themselves on going that extra mile, remember you want your solar power system to reflect on your electricity bill. Are you on a good rate and feed in tariff with your chosen energy provider? Are they giving you the maximum discount rate? Is your feed in tariff where it needs to be? Your electricity bill is a package don’t just look at the feed in tariff.

Once you have chosen the right solar power business for you then have faith that they are directing you down the right path. South Australia is like a big country town and SA only businesses with long standing reputations will not risk their hard worked reputation by not being above board and honest.

The inverter choice – The inverter works very hard every day converting solar ray electricity (DC) and into AC for the property. Greener Housing Solutions goes through all the warranty details on each and every  brand they recommend and this is a long process but an important one because it helps protect our customers. Warranties can happen but its important for Greener Housing Solutions to keep these to a minimum by using the right and proven reliable products.

All of Greener Housing Solutions Solar and Battery Backup installations are designed by Darren English who is the owner of Greener Housing Solutions. Darren is fully licensed, CEC Accredited with over 12 years of experience in the Industry.

All of Greener Housing Solutions solar and battery backup customers have full access to our after hours mobile. On the weekends when they have a question they can contact to have the answer and not have to wait until Monday comes around. The after hours mobile is always carried by one of the owners of Greener Housing Solutions.

Our customers also have full access at no charge for bill diagnostic assistance. This service helps keep our customers on track to ensure they are receiving the best deal possible through their chosen electricity provider. We have customers we installed 12 years ago ring and email their electricity bills in periodically just to make sure that they a getting every cent they can and this is all free when you are a Greener Housing Solutions customer.


If you live in the Adelaide City Council area, you maybe eligible for a further rebate. Click on the below Adelaide City Council logo for more information

Greener Housing Solutions uses various different types of products when it comes to solar power because every house is different and not all requirements are the same. These are just a few of our products that we recommend


Standard Inverters…

Micro Inverters…

Battery Backup…